Erik Renssen: Artist & Assembler

“In my small studio by the water I feel like the king of my castle. Like a knight on his horse I charge into battle armed with figments of my imagination, paintbrush poised like a lance, ready to make new creations.”

Erik Renssen is an independent artist - an intellectual assembler of images. Although primarily a painter, Renssen’s constant curiosity has drawn him to the charms of other artistic mediums.

Renssen Art Gallery

The artist enjoys making bronze sculptures and has ventured into the graphic arts, creating limited edition lithographs and linocuts. He explores the boundaries of his talent and does not feel any limitations when it comes to colour, style and subject matter. Portraiture, still life, cityscapes and representations of family life are frequent themes in his art.


Looking towards new horizons:
“RENSSEN 2009 - 2015”

The second publication to exclusively feature the work of Erik Renssen is written by art historian Jaap Nijstad. The 324 page hardcover book is lavishly illustrated, documenting new developments in the artist’s work. With a preface by the Mayor of Amsterdam. To order the book visit our online store or contact Suzka Renssen by phone on +31 6 3426 1770 or via e‑mail.